App Design

The biggest challenge in a school as big as Rutgers is finding community. While clubs, involvement fairs, and RU event pages exist, they do not encourage more intimate interactions. RU Down solves this problem by creating a platform that allows students to host and attend hangout events. Through this, spontaneous meetings are encouraged to help the large campus feel smaller. Prototype: Figma

RU Down placed 2nd in CreativeX, a designathon at Rutgers University where teams of four would have less than 24 hours to create an interface that addresses a local problem.  
The process included identifying community issues, conducting research, sending out surveys, wireframing, prototyping, and presenting our final product to a set of judges.
Our team’s main goal was an interface that encourages students to meet new people in a way that is less intimidating than organization-run events.
Unlike RU events that usually take tens or hundreds of students, the RU Down app can be used to host and attend smaller casual hangouts. Anything from a taco night to a study group can be found on this app.

©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor
©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor