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Notes: Korea is a collection of notes on Korean history that include dynasties, religions, people, literature, diasporic communities, and more. Its purpose is to encourage collective learning that gives a better grasp of the present as it relates to the past — ultimately fostering a better understanding of self. A non-comprehensive catalog, Notes: Korea does not aim to force beliefs but rather prods at presumptions regarding Korean culture. The website features a horizontal scroll and includes annotations, links, images, and a google doc where users can share information to add to the site.

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After asking several people I knew about how they identified themselves, they all answered the same way. Each person said they did not feel quite Korean but they did not feel quite American either.
I began to ask myself, “But what does it mean to be Korean? What is Korean culture really?” This inspired me to embark on a project that would begin to chip away at these questions.
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©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor
©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor