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Light of the World
Light of the World is a Japanese stab-stitch book featuring a collection of my favorite verses from the Bible, captions of how they impacted me, and spreads of images to accompany each verse. Having been told that religion can be intimidating, I wanted to present my faith in a way that was intimate and personal.
I wanted to use the cross as the guiding system to place and align text. It can be seen throughout the book, including on the cover as well as the opening and closing spreads. The cross grid structure was used to place the verse in the bottom sections, the title in the top left section, and a caption for the verse in the top left section.

Each verse would have an spread using a word or phrase as inspiration. Also following the verse was another page that conveyed or related to the particular verse. 
For the opening spreads, I wanted to challenge myself to use handmade textures and figurative representations. I used a yellow thread for a Japanese stitch binding for continuity.

©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor
©2020. Made with ︎ by Jamie Noor